Stay At Home Mothers Blogging To The Bank
Is blogging the latest way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income? What exactly is a blog? In essence, it's nothing more than an online journal. For instance: If you're not already aware, the highly well-known UK TV show 'The Secret Diary of a Call Girl' was based on the online diary of a true life anonymous call girl, who was well you know... earning money doing 'things' to support herself while she completed her studies. The show gained so much popularity that online diary became a novel and then a cult television show. Blogging can be very lucrative. There is a blog I regularly visit where the owner generates an average $20000 + each month from his blog. Recently, a trend that is new has been sweeping through internet and this is the phenomenon called mommy blogs. Stay at home moms are taking to the internet and started to write blogs about the day-to-day parenting challenges and topics which has been gaining popularity among viewers. The blogs have grown, and they are growing to a size where they have been discovered by major companies who have begun to pay cash for blogs to advertise their goods and send bloggers a lot of freebies to be reviewed by the blogger. Many of the mommy bloggers now earn thousands of pounds each month from advertising as well as affiliate compensations. For more detail please visit:-  So , what are you going to blog about and how? Here's our 7-step strategy for achieving success as a mommy blogger. 1. Find Focus: Choose an area of interest. A mommy blog no more needs to be mom-related (being located in the UK the word "mom" seems so odd! Lol). You need to choose a topic that you like writing about. it's difficult to write for any length of time on a topic that does not appeal to you. In order to have a successful blog, you will need to write about your topic over and over again in a variety of ways. Jessica Benton, a US mommy blogger who is based in the United States, launched her blog on saving money from home. The blog was later changed into a tech blog that is focused on all things gadgetry. 2. Choose a name and a plan. If blogging is a new concept to you, you'll need to have a plan, particularly with regards to the name of your blog, once your blog has taken off, you are stuck , so think ahead, what do you intend to write about and what do you intend to identify your blog? A number of top mommy bloggers admitted that they had no intention to start a blog professionally and were fortunate to have their names worked out nicely when their blogs began to grow. They advise you to think seriously about the name of your blog. 3. Practice. Begin your blog at a no-cost blog platform like as well as Spend three to six months writing about your chosen area and time on your blog to see if you can do it and, most importantly, if you take pleasure in it. If you fail to make it through those initial six months, then you'll fail. It will at least doesn't cost you anything. If you're enjoying it and believe you can achieve it, then you are ready for the next step. Find a domain. 4. Register your brand. If you've made the decision that blogging can work for you, it is time invest in acquiring an appropriate domain name. At the same time it is recommended to have your Facebook page and Twitter account that are registered under that same domain name. Making all three accounts the same makes it easier to be noticed, as well as creating that impression of a brand. When registering your domain, using the word "mom'" in the domain name can help you get noticed by companies that are looking for blogs to associate with. For example one successful mommy blog is 5. Start writing. The mommy bloggers who are professional are writing between one and ten posts per day. They write good quality content that other people are keen to read. It is recommended to write with inside of your heart, and to write in a simple and friendly manner that you would be speaking to your friend or a friend. Simple and not too technical however, it is not necessary to be'matesy' with slang and terminology only your best friends would understand. Writing quality, regular articles will help with your rankings in search engines, and will bring in lots of organic traffic. (People who came across your site without spending money on ads or social media promotions). 6. Re-evaluate your life. Mommy bloggers began to look over the things they liked or items they use at home. This could range everything from food to programs they watched. Soon enough, companies would realize that they were getting rave reviews for their products and getting an endorsement from delighted customers is among the most effective ways of advertising that you can get. These companies would give mommy bloggers with free products to test and then review. A win-win situation for both of the parties in the process. In order to attract companies that are brand-name to join your blogging venture It is crucial to include product and product reviews posted on your blog. Also, it is important, be truthful. Include negative things if they are any and not just the good. Do not write excessive praise that is fake or they'll conclude that you're not real and are merely after their business. It will not work. 7. Connect with other blogs. This should not be confused with self-promotion, which is not blatant, but genuine interaction with other blogs and websites. Sincerity is the goal of the game. Why? Because it works best and creates lasting connections with clients who trust over the long term. Blogging is a game that takes time and is not a make money quick scheme. It is important to locate blogs or websites that are related to you and make appropriate comments about their posts. Be careful not to leave comments such as 'Come and look at my blog' because they are offensive to the owners of the site and their readers, and are deleted. Building genuine relationships with other blogs will result in readers regularly visiting your site to see what you have written and post your blog's articles and reviews with their readers. Your blog will see traffic come to your blog through these blogs. Remember to include a fully active link or website address in your message. In all areas of life there are rules that cannot be written down and the most important rule that is not written in the world of mommy blogging is; do not ask other sites or blogs to do favors. If, for instance, you find a review on the product on a site you like, you then ask the website for the contact details to the person who provided the item, so you could also write a review. They won't provide you with the contact details, why would they and why should they? What do friends do? They exchange information, even contact information, which is why it makes perfect sense to become friends with other websites first.  

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