How to Wear Your Jewellery
Do not follow the latest fashions randomly The feeling of relaxation and the harmony you feel with what you wear is much more important than adhering to the latest fashions. Pick the trends that work for you. Your personality will be reflected There is no perfect person, however, everyone is able to be the best version of themselves and show the unique person that is within. Therefore, let the jewelry you wear reflect your personal style: Bold jewellery on bold women, dainty jewellery on feminine women. Draw attention to your top attributes Chokers (36-38 cm) draw the eye to the neck. Avoid these unless you have the slimmest neck. Longer necklaces , especially lariats are designed to make the bust the central point while the really long rope-style chains draw attention to the entire body. Sparkling or dangling earrings will attract attention Jewellery Jobs to the face , and also the bracelets as well as rings for the hands and arms. Make sure you are careful when purchasing earrings and necklaces. Rather than choosing shapes that resemble the form of your face, opt for shapes that contradict it (although not at extremes). When your face's shape is round, try round-shaped pendants and earrings, as well as experiment with medium-length, dangle earrings. Faces with angular shapes are best accentuated with round jewellery , such as hoop earrings and chokers. Massive ear-rings may look inappropriate if have a small face with small features or hair that is cut short. Hair that is piled is an ideal opportunity to wear large earrings, or long drops. An earring that is well-fitted and dangling draws focus to the shoulders which is the most noticeable feature to age on most women. However, dangling earrings with a long length on a woman with long hair might appear disorganized and messy. tiny earrings on a woman can create the "fat-neck"-look while large "button" earrings are fabulous on a woman who has long hair. These dramatic cocktail rings look good on big hands with long fingers, but even smaller women can wear these effectively if they restrict themselves to one piece at each time. The combination of two or three discreet rings is OK for smaller women . Large women should steer clear of smaller rings in total. In general, if you are petite wearing large or a lot of pieces of jewelry can make you appear childish but if you are someone with a larger size, tiny jewellery will get lost on you which will increase your appearance. Wear jewelry that's proportional to your body. It can help to make your appearance more uniform. Extravagant jewellery - uncluttered clothes Fancy necklaces go best with simple necklines. Large, strong jewellery looks beautifully with power suits as well as pants, and long necklaces are a great match with the latest sweaters and cardigans. Delicate and feminine jewellery goes with elegant or breezy dresses. When selecting jewellery, try to find colours that blend perfectly with the colors of your clothes. Your jewellery should be able to coordinate with the fabrics in your outfit. The weight of the beads isn't a good match for a thin silk blouse. It is better to go with a few thin chains or even a single strand of pearls. Pearls that are classic white are not typically paired with heavy jeans or tee shirt, but a long string of baroque mixed-coloured pearls may be just the thing to complement an informal look such as this. The same goes for the length of the necklace. the length of the necklace must coordinate with your collar. Chokers can be worn with a neckline that is very deep however, if you pair it with a turtle neck or a high neck shirt, it'll appear overcrowded. Wear your jewelry items together Purchasing jewellery in sets makes the pairing process much easier. Necklaces, earrings and, sometimes, bracelets and rings designed to be worn together take the stress out of deciding which piece will go with what. Beware that having too many matching pieces could seem not cute enough to put on. Earrings that match either a necklace or bracelet and matching bracelet look good. A necklace looks great with the ring, while earrings make a great combination with a bracelet. If everything goes together as one set, it might become too predictable and lacking in imagination. If you're looking to match individual treasures keep in mind the following fundamental rule. Like styles, patterns, materials, and colours work best. Also, if any element of your jewellery ensemble is expensive then the other components are better left to be subtle. This will provide your ensemble with the required focal point and stop individual pieces of jewellery from competing with each other to draw attention. Thus, a dramatic necklace is best paired with no earrings, or with smaller earrings like studs or buttons (or matching earrings). Likewise, bold or exceptionally long earrings work better without a necklace, or paired with a delicate necklace composed of the same essential elements. Do not hesitate to mix gold and silver jewellery but be sure to think through the pairing. For example, bright silver and gold chains paired can enliven a stylish but unexciting monochrome ensemble. However, try to avoid pairing a silver necklace a gold bracelet and the reverse. With regards to the different metals, it's your decision to choose taking your taste of hair, colour and eyes as well as the dimensions of your wallet into consideration. However, in general, silver jewelry is considered as a typical item, not necessarily appropriate for formal events. What to do with your jewellery - men Watches The man's jewellery must be of a high standard. A high-quality watch is man's first choice of an accessory to dress up. If you are in a conservative setting, a watch and a wedding band could be the limit of good fashion. The most important thing to remember in these situations is to choose the right watch that complements your outfit and is appropriate for the event. A great watch can go well with anything, but avoid trendy or sportsy watches with formal attire or when in more formal settings. Necklaces Every man must have at minimum one necklace in his jewelry collection. A silver or gold chain is elegant and powerful look. It should conform to the neckline of the shirt. When the piece is more long it should be worn modestly beneath the shirt, rather than drape clearly over it. In fact, all men's jewellery , such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, as well as earring earrings are best worn in such the way that they stand out subtly and attractedly from underneath clothes. Necklaces for men should be strong and uncluttered, not cluttered or heavy. For women, take the size of your body into account. If your chain is too thin in comparison to your body's weight, it can make you appear like a sexy woman, and if it's too thick, it will appear like you're earning a livelihood from your own racketeering enterprise. Apart from chains of gold or silver, you could also pick fashionable necklaces like a rubber or leather necklace that has metal or wooden beads. These necklaces work best with t-shirts or plain long-sleeved shirt. It's a great option to update and improve your appearance for dress-down on Fridays or important events or even prior to hitting the trendy nightclub. Many famous faces have worn them, the most known being Latin romantic Enrique Iglesias and the actor Brad Pitt. They can give some sexy appeal to your fashion when paired with the proper informal attire. Rings A ring doesn't need to be restricted to just a wedding band. Wearing a simple ring can be very elegant and elegant indeed. When it comes to chains, the size of the ring ought to be in keeping with the size of your body. If the ring seems disproportionate in comparison to your fingers, it can look extravagant. Don't wear metals or stones that will clash with clothing or other jewelry. Besides the good old finger that is a ring on your left hand could also put a ring on your pinky finger middle finger or, for more daring men, your thumb. These days nobody really cares about which finger you wear rings, as long as the ring looks great and complements your overall outfit. Be simple and don't make every finger look prettier with an ring. Bracelets A bracelet is appropriate to wear for formal or casual wear. For formal attire, pick an elegant, classic design that is a perfect match with other jewellery that will be used, like a watch or ring. The bracelet of a man should be right on his wrist and should not slide up and down his arm or hang across his fingers. While metal chains can be worn for all occasions, beaded and made-of-woven bracelets are more athletic and fashionable and are best suited for casual wear. Cuff links Cuff links can add an air of respect for specifics in formal settings. It is important to select cuff links that complement your outfit as well as other items. Don't wear a bracelet that has Cuff links as it can make the bracelet look cluttered and the links might catch on one another. Tie jewellery Bars, tie clips or tacks are all options to keeping your tie from wandering into the soup. Your decision will be contingent to some extent on fashion trends. If comfort and practicality are your primary concern for you, select a basic style that will go well with most of your wardrobe. Earrings Teenagers, young women, and rock stars also wear earrings. If you're not one of those fortunate, then you should take a look at the image that the earrings project. A lot of women consider earrings on men unattractive and inappropriate. However, if think you could pull it off wear one small , simple silver hoop or a diamond stud in one of your ear. A wise piece of advice: Wearing earrings that match are extremely attractive. It can make women over the age of 15 laugh their heads off each time. Piercings While this type of jewelry is highly fashionable, keep your social environment and cultural context in mind. Lips, tongues eyebrows, nipples or even nipples can create an uncool and unprofessional look that can be inappropriate in many situations of social interaction. Keep your jewellery clean In order to get the best out of your pieces you must keep your jewellery well-maintained and in good condition. Also, be aware that gold and silver are both soft metals that are likely to dull and scratch as time passes. It is therefore a great idea to hand over your jewelry to a goldsmith who will be professionally polished, re-plated and cleaned from every now and then. Goldsmiths also make sure whether the settings for the stones are secure. Every year is sufficient for jewellery that you will wear frequently. Remember: Clean and well-kept jewelry can be a great accent to your outfit, while broken and damaged pieces will be nothing more than a distraction from the style you have put so much effort into.

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